Civil, Environmental Engineering & Project Management Consultants

Hydraulic design of water pipelines, review of Soil Distribution and Soil Hydraulic Properties, Analysis of Ground Water Properties, Analysis of Diffusion and the Geological Nature of the Soil, Analysis of Rainfall and Floods in the Area, Structural Design of Drainage Structures, Preparation of Bills of Quantities, Preparation of Tender Documents.

Mbale Water Supply and Sanitation Project Design Review

Client: National Water and Sewerage Cooperation

Funder: The World Bank

Location: Mbale District

Start / Completion Date: August 2020 – To Date

Contract Value: USD 3.115 Million

Main Project Features:

  • Hydraulic design of water pipelines
  • Review of soil distribution and soil hydraulic properties
  • Analysis of groundwater properties
  • Analysis of diffusion and the geological nature of the soil
  • Analysis of rainfall and floods in the area
  • Structural design of drainage structures
  • Preparation of bills of quantities
  • Preparation of tender documents.