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Meet our Team

The team at Air Water Earth (AWE) is comprised of core permanent staff and associate staff. Our team is as highly diverse as it is professional with approximately 85% holding graduate degrees (MSc and PhD). Most members of the team are also registered with appropriate professional associations such as Engineers’ Registration Board (ERB), Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE), National Environmental Management Authority (NEMA) and Uganda Association of Impact Assessment (UAIA). With AWE, you gain the advantage of working with highly skilled engineers, scientists, sociologists, project managers and other technical specialists who are committed to helping you succeed. Having in-house permanent staff ensures efficiency, prompt action at short notice, reliability and continuity of service in any assignment we undertake.

AWE consultants keep track of ever-changing environmental regulations in the region so as to lower compliance costs and maximize operational flexibility of clients. By providing our clients with cost-effective, innovative and ethical solutions, AWE aims to create client confidence and attain the status of “first-choice and preferred” consulting firm for environmental challenges in East Africa. Unlike many consultants who are advisory, AWE is operational – rolling up sleeves and assisting clients to turn our recommendations into up-and-running solutions. This is why for every project completed, AWE will always leave a more knowledgeable, independent and self-reliant client able to keep their pollution control solutions running without AWE’s perpetual intervention.