Civil, Environmental Engineering & Project Management Consultants

Our Services

Welcome to the Services page of Air Water Earth (AWE) Limited. We offer a unique blend of three core services that ensure total solutions for environmental problems for our clients. Our services include Consulting,

Pollution Control Equipment, Testing and Monitoring. We believe in treating every environmental problem as unique and new, and our wide local and international experience base and diversity of professional background enables us to develop a range of solutions that are mindful of our clients’ views.

Our Consulting services provide effective solutions to our clients’ environmental problems. We keep track of ever-changing environmental regulations in the region to lower compliance costs and maximize operational flexibility of clients.

Our Pollution Control Equipment is of high quality and guarantees efficient control of environmental pollution. We offer testing and monitoring services to ensure that our clients’ pollution control solutions are running effectively and meet required environmental standards.


Architecture & Green Design

Our Architecture & Green Design service combines innovative and sustainable design principles to create environmentally friendly buildings and infrastructure

Energy & Climate Health (EC)

Our Energy & Climate Health (EC) services help clients promote clean and sustainable energy practices and mitigate the impacts of climate change on health

Social-Development (SD)

Our Social-Development (SD) services are designed to help clients improve the social and economic well-being of communities through sustainable development practices.

Transport and Infrastructure (TI)

Our Transport and Infrastructure (TI) services help clients plan, design, and implement transportation and infrastructure solutions that are safe, efficient, and sustainable.

Environment & Sustainability (ES)

Our Environment & Sustainability (ES) services help clients minimize their environmental impact, promote sustainable practices, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.

Water & Sanitation (WS)

Our Water & Sanitation (WS) services are designed to help clients provide clean and safe water, proper sanitation, and efficient wastewater treatment solutions to communities and individuals.