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Water and Sanitation

AWE is thoroughly familiar with all the national standards and permit requirements to achieve the goals of good water quality in Uganda's water resources and total elimination of pollution discharges into waters. Our engineers and associates utilize extensive experience to address water quality issues for clients in Uganda.

Drawing on expertise in civil engineering, soil & water engineering, hydraulics, hydrogeology, natural resources management, agriculture and agricultural engineering, AWE can successfully provide clients with skills in the following water resources management areas:

Accidental or undetected releases of chemical constituents into the subsurface can create long-term adverse effects on soils. Without intervention, these releases can create serious impact for those who utilize the groundwater resources, and those responsible for the contamination. Utilizing risk assessments, risk-based corrective action analysis, and natural bio-remediation technologies, AWE can minimize investigative and corrective costs by identifying site-specific allowable risk levels. Utilizing these methodologies, AWE can develop reasonable and timely clean-up objectives for a client. In this field, AWE's services include:

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