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Staff Resume

Name: Eng. Lammeck KAJUBI; PE

Designation: President & CEO

MEngSc(Environmental Engineering), University of Queensland, Australia;

BScEng (1st Class Hons) Agricultural Engineering (Soil & Water), MAK.

Air Pollution Engineering/ modeling; Wastewater Engineering; Solid Waste; Hydropower, Medical Waste, Noise Pollution; Cleaner Production; Risk Assessment; Occupational Safety & Health; Clean Development Mechanism (CDM); Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment; Environmental Auditing, Carbon Auditing, Climate Change, Resettlement Action Plans (RAP).

Management style:
Hands-on; people-oriented and relations-oriented leadership -
organizing, supporting, and encouraging teamwork and creativecollaboration.


Eng. Lammeck KAJUBI has 14 years of environmental engineering practice and executive experience.Lam holds an MSc in Environmental Engineering (School of Chemical Engineering) of the University of Queensland- Australia and a B.Sc.(Hon) Eng. (First Class Honors) degree in agricultural engineering (Major: Soil & Water Engineering). He is NEMA certified environmental (EIA and auditing) practitioneras Team Leader and registered Professional Engineer (PE) in Uganda.He is a strategic leader who sets the overall vision and charts future direction for AWE Group companies,helping local and regionalcompany leaders in achieving AWE’svision. His acute sense of strategicplanning is a direct result of his unique ability to quickly predict what customerswill need and his indefatigable determination to find it! Lam brings innovation to conventional ideas and as CEO, he leads by example, cultivating deep relationships with staff, clients and reinforcing a work environment that is fair to all and one that strikes the right balance between casual and professional.

He has led life and fire safety (L&S) audits of IFC-funded projects in Uganda and Rwanda. He was Team Leader for social-environmental impact studies for World Bank-funded renovation of 40 healthcare facilities and hospitals for Ministry of Health in 19 Districts in Uganda. He led EIA team for proposed renewable fuel facilities in Uganda including a biofuel project in Kayunga District-a USD 30 million biofuel project comprising a refinery and a 3530-acre sorghum plantation to supply the refinery, the first biofuel project of that magnitude in Uganda. He has been involved with EIA and RAP studies for hybrid solar-thermal power plants on KalangalaIslands and atNamugoga near Kampala City. He has led teams on EIA studies for over 1000 km of high voltage transmission lines (including the very first 400 kV line in Uganda); EIA studies for numerous oil exploration projects (some in the most sensitive ecosystems in Uganda); industrial facilities, telecommunication facilities, thermal power plants, roads, water/ sanitation projects, plantation agriculture projects, oil and gas facilities, large housing projects, water/sanitation projects, buildings (government, private, corporate) and CDM projects. Lammeck taught environmental engineering, water resources and renewable energy courses at Makerere University for 10 years before retiring to private engineering consulting practice. He is an active member of Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE) and once vice chair of its environment committee. He is proficient in environmental engineering process and systems design and computer-aided modeling for air pollution, noise pollution and oil spill (for contingency planning and risk assessment).

Herbert Kalibbala,
BScEng, MS Env. Eng (Makerere), GMUIPE
Vice President, Pollution Control

Mr. Herbert Kalibbala holds MSc. in Environmental Engineering and a B.Sc.(Hon) Civil Engineering (Upper Class Honors) of Makerere University. His skills are in Industrial Wastewater systems, Solid waste, water resources engineering and Water treatment and Stormwater management.

Mr. Kalibbala has experience in water and wastewater systems design, sanitation and solid waste management, EIA, environmental auditing and groundwater contamination. He also previously undertook numerous assignments for organizations including donor-funded rogrammes and projects in Uganda. Herbert is a Graduate Member, Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers (UIPE).

Isa Kabenge,
BScEng, MEng (Pretoria), GMUIPE, MSAIAE, MWISA
Vice President, Consulting

Isa holds a Master of Engineering (University of Pretoria, South Africa) and a B.Sc.(Hon) Eng. degree in agricultural engineering (Soil & Water Engineering) of Makerere University. His expertise is in water resources management, water & industrial wastewater treatment systems, and project management. Isa has astounding proficiency in characterizing wastestreams and conducting technical evaluation of water wastewater handling systems, EIA and environmental auditing, irrigation systems design and land surveying.

Isa is Graduate member, Water Institute of Southern Africa (WISA), Member of South African Institute of Agricultural Engineers (SAIAE) and Graduate member, Uganda Institution of professional Engineers (UIPE). Isa has written several articles on industrial water quality management in (UIPE) Journal and Newsletter.

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