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Solid and Hazadous Waste

Sustainable solid waste management continues to dog many cities and towns in Uganda. With a fast growing national population and land scarcity, Uganda will come face to face with even tougher solid waste disposal challenges. As industries grow in number and complexity, industrial and trade waste disposal is equally getting complex and expensive. AWE engineers have a good understanding of engineering, management and economics associated with solid waste disposal and have published such ideas in Uganda Institution of Professional Engineers' Journal and Newsletter. The quality of staff at AWE and their joint cooperation with international consultants and equipment suppliers, make the firm able to provide sustainable solutions on solid waste disposal for industries, towns and cities in Uganda, through; Hazardous waste management AWE stays abreast of the regulations and enforcement trends affecting the management of hazardous and solid waste in Uganda. We have knowledge and experience in facility investigations and corrective action plans for sustainable hazardous waste management. AWE can adequately perform the following services:
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