Civil, Environmental Engineering & Project Management Consultants


As environmental regulations continue to grow in number and complexity, industries face increasing challenges to understand and comply with these diverse regulations. AWE can conduct on-site multimedia investigations, involving waste streams in all states or forms, in order to review and identify a client industry's current regulatory compliance status. We can identify potential areas for waste minimization and pollution prevention and prepare such industries for possible regulatory agency inspections. Such multimedia investigations also serve as the first step toward ISO 14000 certification. AWE can monitor and evaluate effects an industry continually has on its surrounding ecosystems. Such work has been done for large household name companies like Century bottling Company, Uganda Breweries among others.

Environmental testing & analysis
Many industries in Uganda employ environment officers who among other functions, carry out in-house environmental audits, which may not be required by NEMA, but for the benefit of the industry. AWE can assist such industries by measuring, testing and characterizing their waste streams, then providing valuable data to industry environment officers. This makes in-house auditing quicker and cheap saving such industries costs involved in perpetual over-dependence on external auditors. AWE has adequate capacity to provide clients in Uganda with solutions related to;
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